Terms and Conditions


The main objective of this website is to give an idea of our products & quality to new visitors. We also offer a full website to those who are already our client. We never forget the 'face to face' with our agents and contact with Balcosta human resources.


For those who are not clients yet and get in contact with BALCOSTA through the web, please proceed as follows:

 We will inform our agent from your area, who will contact you to arrange an appointment and show you the catalog. Once this is done and served a first order, you can access to our website with your new personal password.

For international customers, once you established a first contact with us, we will have a particular procedure.


There is a minimum order (taxable basis) to serve the goods with carriage prepaid, making the difference between the decorative items, or heavy furniture items:




Balearic Islands

 Canary Islands


    Ceuta and Melilla
















In case of not reaching the minimum quantity, we will also serve your needs charging a small amount for shipping.


The goods are prepared and sent in the same week of the order reception, or the payment in case of advance payment.


For new national clients: The first order will be paid in advance with a 3% discount.

For international clients: always advance payment, with a 3% discount.

Clients: for those who are already clients, we keep their usual way of payment.

 Shipping and refunds

Package delivery

As a general rule, shipping will be process within 48 hours of receiving the order or the payment, in case it’s paid in advance.  All our products are packed in and well protected in individual boxes and then palletized to minimize manipulation and avoid breakage.

If you receive any defective merchandise, you must report the problem to BALCOSTA within 48 hours of receipt by phone or email to info@balcosta.com, also attach a picture of the damage item to be sent to the insurance company.

If the order has been made through the web, and its reception has any impact on the product you can also notify us through the website: in ‘Orders and details’ click on the order related to the defected item, and at the bottom it appears" Returning Merchandise ", writing the reason of return, to finish click on "Make it return RMA" once you get the confirmation from BALCOSTA, you will get the instructions for shipping.

All our products are guaranteed by BALCOSTA.